Snickers Pudding Jars for Tailgating #GameDayBites

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Today is my BIRTHDAY!

Anywho! That’s a sign to me that today it is time for tailgating season. NASCAR races in the beautiful fall weather. The smell of rubber and gas. Yes, I love that! Though, what I like better is the food. You must have yummy snacks to take to the races when tailgating. I enjoy my brisket sandwiches with dipping sauce, sunflower seeds, and plenty of water.

Snickers Pudding Jars #GameDayBites

Sometimes you just want something sweet that will fit right into a small carry cooler. A little plastic spoon to go with. Snickers pudding jars are perfect for Game day or Race day! Slice up some Snickers and toss them into a jar with layers of pudding and it’s the perfect on the go tailgating dessert.

Snickers Pudding Jars #GameDayBites

These jars are just so much fun! Simple for #GameDayBites which you can use this hashtag to find more tailgating recipes. Oh! Did I mention you can use the coupon below to save $2.00 on Snickers or Milky Way bites! Just click and print. Then you can make these awesome Snickers Pudding Jars for your tailgating event whether it be football or NASCAR. Notice my red and yellow cupcake liners for decoration. They fit my teams USC and/or Joey Logano my race car driver that I follow cars colors.

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Don’t hesitate to share this coupon with your friends too! Sharing is caring and isn’t that what the tailgating experience is about. I know we love to mingle with others and see what they have while trading off recipes. Once we enjoyed some fajitas from another lovely NASCAR fan cooking them up while we rode on the tram to take us back to the car. Don’t you love when people are that generous? I know I do and love to share new recipes; of course :)

Snickers Pudding Jars for Tailgating
Serves 1
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Total Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 package chocolate pudding
  2. 2 handfuls Snickers Bites; sliced
  3. 1 mason jar
  4. 1 cute cupcake liner for decoration
  1. Make pudding according to package directions. Add some pudding to jar. Add half of the sliced Snickers bites to the jar. Add more pudding and then another layer of Snickers Bites. Place liner over jar and seal cap.
Mooshu Jenne


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