Pumpkin Nutella Bread – Fall Fest FN Dish

This is my contribution to the Fall Fest FN Dish on Food Network this week. Don’t forget to check out the other great recipes below my recipe here.

pumpkin nutella bread

Chelsea, my best friend and cousin, came in on Sunday to visit me. Monday night we went to see one of our old friends and phenomenal guitarist Jonny Radtke from Kill Hannah (Polar Moon). Although, he was not on tour with Kill Hannah he was playing with the band Filter; which was cool to see. One of the arts we at Muusat enjoy is making treats for our friends in a few bands. Monday night we took them some popcorn balls and pumpkin nutella bread. After a few marriage proposals from Phil ( jokingly of course 😉 ) we were glad to see they enjoyed the food just as much as we enjoyed the show. Can not wait till next time! Lots of hugs to Jonny and Filter!

pumpkinnutellabread (2)

For pictures and more about the show; check out Muusat.com

Pumpkin Nutella Bread
Yields 2
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  1. 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  2. 2 teaspoon baking soda
  3. 1 teaspoon salt
  4. 3 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice
  5. 3 cups sugar
  6. 1 cup vegetable oil
  7. 1/2 cup water
  8. 1 cup sour cream
  9. 2 cups canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling; I use one roasted pie pumpkin)
  10. 4 eggs
  11. 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  12. 1 container of nutella
  13. Olive oil cooking spray
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray two regular sized glass loaf pans with olive oil cooking spray. Set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, salt, and pumpkin pie spice. Set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together sugar, oil, water,sour cream, pumpkin, eggs, and extracts. Whisk until smooth and combined. Slowly stir in the flour mixture. Mix until ingredients are combined.
  2. Pour the batter into the loaf pans, making sure batter is evenly divided. Drop one large spatula full of Nutella onto each loaf pan. Swirl the Nutella into the pumpkin batter with a knife. Place the loaf pans onto a baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake for 60 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 15 minutes in the pan and then carefully remove the loaves. Cool half way before slicing.
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    Alex says

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try this! What size Nutella container did you use? I’ve bought it in more than 1 size jar.


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