Pulled Pork Sandwich

The fourth of July was truly a blast! This is the pulled pork sandwich that I whipped up in the crock pot for our guests. The beautiful potato salad in the back is a Czech recipe made by the other halves mom’s recipe. It really is the best potato salad around!

Our family and friends showed up to enjoy food before heading out the Flo Mo Festival for fun and fireworks. The ice cream cake was the only food item that did not turn out as planned. We had to break out a torch to release it from the glass loaf pan mold. Guess that means it is indefinite that a spring form pan is to be bought in the near future.

pulled pork sandwiches

These pulled pork sandwiches were such a hit. Everyone had seconds and even sent some home to my grandmother, which called to inform me how tasty they were. I have always been a fan of apples and pork together but was not sure on slow cooking the pork shoulder in apple cider.  Instead, I halved the apple cider with vegetable broth while adding in smoked paprika and cumin to bring in the meat not too sweet flavor. It married perfectly!

This will definitely be on next years to-do list for the 4th. Though, I would like to get some cute wraps for the sandwiches so we can pack them up and take them to the festival with us. The mean hand dipped jumbo corn dogs were calling my name but luckily the other half kept coaxing me out of them. Now, I will just have to make homemade corn dogs with extra goodies. Oh and funnel cake too!

The fireworks were pretty along with a good show from Rick Springfield. Can not wait to see who they bring out next year. I am in hopes that even more people will join us as it is good, wholesome fun. How was your 4th of July?

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 12 hours

Yield: 24 sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwich


3 lbs pork shoulder
64 oz apple cider
32 oz container of vegetable broth
3 tablespoons cumin
3 tablespoons smoked paprika
3 to 5 drops of liquid smoke
1 white onion, sliced into rounds
1 whole garlic; peeled
Salt and pepper


In a large crock pot, add in peeled garlic and pork shoulder. Slice onion into rounds and layer over the top of the pork.

Fill crock pot half way with apple cider. Fill the rest of the way with vegetable broth. Add in cumin, paprika, liquid smoke, salt, and pepper. Turn crock pot on high to bring to a boil. Once the broth starts to boil lower to low and cook all night; generally about 8 hours.

The next morning, with tongs, pull apart the pork and drop it into broth. Turn on high for about two hours to fully cook meat and allow the juices to soak in. Turn down to warm to keep for guests.


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