Mr. Coffee® Drip Coffee Maker for my #CoffeeJourneys

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My other half V loves his morning coffee. I like to have coffee now and again as more of a treat. I like to make specialty coffee drinks at home. We have a single cup brewer but we recently picked up a Mr. Coffee® Drip Coffee Maker 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker at Walmart. The 10-cup brewer is great to use when you want more than one cup of coffee in the morning. It’s also fantastic when you have breakfast with friend or a large household like mine. What I am even more excited about is that I am giving one away here today for one of you to win! My oldest son just loves iced coffee so I have a strange feeling this will end up being his new toy not mine 😉

mr coffee drip coffeemaker

While we were at Walmart we also picked up some Millstone® Coffee Flavored Coffee to share with friends when they visited. It always great to serve up good coffee with a delectable treat like apple turnovers. Or rather anything with a good flaky dough! I have to say just bringing home the Hazelnut Cream Millstone® Coffee Flavored Coffee in the bag made my entire car smell so darn good! I am enjoying the smell of the package next to me on my desk now. The aroma is simply amazing.

Mr Coffee + Millstone Coffee #CoffeeJourneys #shop #cbias

Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker brews 10 cups in less than 7 minutes to ensure thorough extraction and full bodied flavor. With the Pause n’ Serve feature, you don’t have to wait the full time to enjoy your cup of coffee! Which makes this the best coffee maker when you have friends over. Pause n’ Serve is an automatic feature that is activated when the vacuumed-insulated stainless steel carafe is removed from the coffee maker. How cool is that!

Mr Coffee + Millstone Coffee #CoffeeJourneys #shop #cbias

My #CoffeeJourney started the year before I went into high school. I spent a summer up north in Connecticut and New York. My love for cappuccino grew along with my love for cheesecake.

From there I used to visit a specialty coffee shop in Dallas but then I lost my love for coffee for awhile. Now I like to enjoy it with a good dessert or cheesecake now and again. 

Mr Coffee + Millstone Coffee #CoffeeJourneys #shop #cbias

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  1. 1

    Barbara Montag says

    I have my coffee first thing in the morning and throughout the day.
    I prefer it black to enjoy the full flavor.
    thank you

  2. 2

    Sherrie C. says

    My coffee journey’s start as soon as I wake up. I have to have a strong cup of coffee with Italian Sweet Cream before I’m able to function properly. After that I’m good to go :)


  3. 5

    Jessie C. says

    I usually have two cups a day, one in the early morning to help me kick off the day right, and one in the afternoon for quick pick-me-up.

  4. 8

    Mary Ann Dull says

    There is nothing like a great cup of coffee! Cheap coffee and weak tasting coffee just won’t do. Great coffee starts with a desire to have a coffee experience, not just quick sip or two. Love to make my coffee with good water (we use reverse osmosis water) and a bold or dark roast flavor coffee. Have been looking at getting a new coffee maker and would love to have the thermal carafe. What a great giveaway!

  5. 10

    Marnely Rodriguez-Murray says

    #CoffeeJourneys Oh goodness, my love of coffee is unlike anything else! I gave sit up for Lent and am so happy to have it back!

  6. 12

    Elena says

    My coffee journey starts in the morning. I enjoy a cup of coffee on my porch checking emails. I have another cup of coffee after lunch

  7. 13

    Sharon Rooney says

    My coffee journey starts first thing in the morning, I usually need 2 cups to start the day and then I have one after lunch.

  8. 14

    Lynne says

    Coffee is a necessity in the morning – it both helps me wake up, AND gives me a bit of a treat at the beginning of the day – and that is usually much needed.

  9. 15

    Amber Campbell says

    Coffee is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I have my coffee with cream and sugar.

  10. 17

    Harmony Burmeister says

    my #coffeejourney is every morning enjoying a cup alone before the kids wake up

  11. 18

    christine jessamine says

    I love coffee! I drink it almost every morning. My favorite time is on the go when I am driving

  12. 19

    Lilyana Cruz says

    My Cafe always take it in the mornings when I wake up, I never miss my cup of coffee and donuts

  13. 20

    Annette says

    My coffee journey began when I was a little girl sipping “coffee milk” given to me by my grandmother. Over the years I’ve experienced many types of coffees and coffeemakers and never get tired of trying new ones. I start each day with coffee and sometimes have it in the afternoon.

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