Lemon Asparagus

Asparagus is my most favorite vegetable on the grill. Many cooks like to pair it with Parmesan and I do like it that way, though it gets boring! I want more flavor! With Spring here, though it feels like Summer, it’s fun to bring produce that is in season. Lemons or Meyer Lemons are fantastic with asparagus. Just slice a few rounds and layer it over the asparagus to add a tangy flavor.

My recipe for Lemon Asparagus:

It’s a great side dish for Memorial weekend!

Lemon Asparagus

Total Time: 1 hour

Serving Size: 4

Lemon Asparagus


1 bundle of asparagus
1 lemon (sliced in rounds)
4 tbsp margarine
Salt and pepper to taste


Lay out two pieces of foil. One should be larger than the other. Place the smaller piece in the center on top of the larger piece. This will help from getting holes in the pack and losing all of the butter.

Place the asparagus in center of foil. Top with sliced lemons and salt and pepper. Add two tablespoons of margarine to each side of foil pack as pictured above. If you want to add more you are welcome to. Seal pack by folding up the sides and crimping the top shut.

Heat grill to medium heat and place on lower rack. Cook for 30 minutes or until the asparagus is completely soft. Remove from grill and serve.



  1. Jenne says

    Adding parmesan with olive oil and baking it tastes pretty good too. I love to cook it up and looking for new twists with it too.

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