Fat Cow BBQ

Are you like me and search for a place to find good BBQ? I have to admit I love Mom and Pops restaurants. I will gladly be the first one to try the new place out. This is a problem for my other half, V, he never trusts a new place. I had to beg to get him to try Fat Cow BBQ and he kept saying no. Finally, my son, Chance and I were out shopping at Lowe’s and you could smell the food inside the store. It’s located across the street. That did one over on him and I. I looked at Chance and said are you hungry, he said yes, and we’re very glad he did.

Fat Cow BBQ is one of the best BBQ  joints this side of Dallas. On our first visit my meal consisted of a brisket sandwich with a side of mac and cheese and potato salad. The brisket is pulled not chopped which is the number one thing on my list. I don’t like chopped brisket. The mac and cheese is to-die-for. Seriously! The potato salad seems to be made with red potatoes and enlists some red onion which is puts it in favor for me. My other half LOVES their potato salad and he grew up hating potato salad.

fat cow bbq, peach cobbler

Then they served my son and I the best peach cobbler ever (mine’s pretty good, maybe a close second). It comes with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. Need to stay away from the desserts… way .. too… good. On top of the amazing food the service is always friendly. Very talkative and funny! Honestly, I’ve been back to Fat Cow BBQ now four times and head there tonight for another dinner with friends.

I have it on a good note that the slider buns are awesome according to my daughter. I might try those tonight. The tacos are really delicious too!

brisket tacos, fat cow bbq

Then there is the buttermilk pie. I will be honest that this is my first time to try buttermilk pie but it’s the owner’s grandmother’s recipe. I loved it! Super soft and not overly sweet. I could eat it any day with ice cream.

buttermilk pie, fat cow bbq

If you’ve tried Fat Cow BBQ I would love to hear what you think. If you haven’t and live in DFW area then it’s a MUST! 


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      Jenne says

      I am hoping we will all meet up on December 14th to try it and meet those that can come from TXWB. I am so happy I tried it though. Do you have her recipe?

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    breanda says

    I absolutely love Fat Cow BBQ. Their brisket and spicy barbecue sauce is awesome and the peach cobbler is to die for.

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