Blog Anniversary & Product of Gir Giveaway

Today is my three year blog anniversary! Tomorrow’s my birthday! I wanted to have something extremely fun here on the blog for this day. I specifically asked Product of Gir if we could do a giveaway. Product of Gir spatulas are literally my best friend in the kitchen. I refuse to cook without them. I will search till I find my spatula where ever my daughter hid it when emptying the dishwasher.


I meant to post my review awhile back but I am glad I got the time to really see that these spatula’s hold up to the roughest tasks. I am serious, I’m mean to spatula’s. Currently, I have an orange spatula and the lovely bacon spatula which is just flat awesome! I cannot wait for the mini, skinny and pro to come out.

It’s amazing to me that over three years of blogging how far I have come; especially with photography. It’s on my to-do list this year to go back and remake and photography the earlier recipes on this blog. The recipes are great but I definitely think the photos need updating. More people will have an interest in the food visually.

Overall though I love how the blog has developed. Sometimes I think about adding in a DIY here and there. What do you think? Should I add in some DIY projects? You can look for the book section to grow soon. Plenty of reviews of wonderful cookbooks on the market. I would love to work more on other sections this year so that’s my goal. We will see how this pans out. Any feedback would be fantastic.

So without further ado here is the lovely giveaway and Happy Blog Anniversary to me!

Oh! In light of my birthday tomorrow if your feeling generous stop by Joey Logano Foundation and donate :)


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