Welcome to Mooshu Jenne

If you are unfamiliar with Mooshu Jenne, please let me introduce you to the site. Mooshu Jenne is a blog or personal website, created and maintained by me, Jenne. My family and I enjoy food, racing, and video games.

About Jenne

My name is Jenne and I live in Texas; originally from California and would love to move back. I am currently an artist and I am very eccentric. I was a teenage mom and now I am in my thirties with three teenagers. Most of my meals are cooked for six since I have a large family and guests love to eat at my house. I grew up with lots of Italian and Asian flavors. My grandmother, coming from a long line of Italians, cooked Italian food almost constantly. She was great friends with an Asian lady that owned a Chinese joint around the corner from our house in California. I spent quite a bit of time in that restaurant kitchen as a my grandmother learned to cook Asian food and she taught Ann how to make Italian food. I was always beckoned as the sous chef! In my twenties, I worked as a bartender and loved it! Now, I am officially a college student working towards a BA in Journalism and taking classes for screen writing. Hopefully one day soon I will be a published writer of a series of YA  books, a cookbook, and a epic movie. The only other things you need to know about me are I am a foodie at heart, I love Tim Burton, I heart My V, and love my teenagers.

Where do the recipes come from

Most of the recipes on the site come from my ever growing recipe book or from family and friends recipe boxes. Some of the recipes have been passed down in my family for generations. Those included would be the Czech, French, Finnish and Italian recipes. Most of the recipes posted include whole food ingredients and only occasionally a few items will come from cans or prepared foods. Buying from farmer’s markets and other local sources is extremely encouraged; go local!

Thank you for visiting Mooshu Jenne!